Next season is BMO Shorts (season 2)

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
1 1 "Apple BMOrchard" March 2014
BMO helps Tree Trunks pick apples for apple pies for when Finn and Jake come to her house.
2 2 "BMOgician" March 2014
BMO gets interested in magic and turns into a magician.
3 3 "The Great BMO-kin" March 2014
On Oooween, Finn doesn't know what to carve for a pumpkin, so BMO helps him carve it.
4 4 "BMO Time" 2014
BMO helps Finn on a quest to beat the Ice King.
5 5 "Fast Food BMO" 2014
BMO learns about the "drive-through" at a fast food restaurant.
6 6 "BMO Alien" 2014
BMO meets another machine like him/her only for the other machine to be actually an alien.
7 7 "Vending Machine BMO" 2014
BMO tries to get a snack from a vending machine.
8 8 "BMOzart" 2014
BMO turns into a violinist after getting into Mozart.
9 9 "BMOdocchio" 2014
Finn carves a wooden BMO puppet after reading the novel Pinocchio.
10 10 "The BMO Games" 2014
Finn trains BMO for the MO Games 2014.
11 11 "BMO Like Me" 2014
Finn's turned into a MO (called FMO) by Magic Man.
12 12 "BMO Say Cheese" 2014
BMO tries to take a good picture for Ooo Picture Day.
13 13 "Spelling BMO" 2014
Finn bets BMO he can't spell words, such as his name and Jake's, and when BMO spells "Slime Princess", Slime Princess comes and flirts with Finn, and he screams, all while BMO snickers.

Note: This episode will take 1 minute instead of 11 minutes.

14 14 "BMObile" 2014
BMO finds a mobile car and think it's "Hot Dave"(from "We Fixed a Truck").
15 15 "Super BMO" 2014
BMO wants to be a superhero.
16 16 "Jurassic BMO" 2014
BMO finds a MO stuck in ice for a long time and tries to refreeze him.
17 17 "Scout BMO" 2014
BMO joins the Ooo Scouts in order to win the record of 100 badges.
18 18 "Ring-a-ling-a-BMO-a-ling" 2014
BMO finds a Smart Phone and finds interesting apps in it, such as InstaOoo, Oogle, and Ooobook.
19 19 "BMO Market" 2014
BMO tries to get "Ooorange Juice" in the Ooomart.
20 20 "Escalator BMO" 2014
BMO tries to go to "Game StOoop", but has to climb an escalator to get there, which is hard to do, because BMO is afraid that he might fall.
21 21 "Hypno BMO" 2014
BMO uses hypnosis on himself.
22 22 "BMOvie Theater" 2014
BMO goes to the movies.
23 23 "Lifeguard BMO" 2014
In order to prove himself as a hero, BMO turns into a lifeguard at the Ooo Pines Beach.

Note: This is a sequel to "Super BMO".

24 24 "BMOtanic" 2014
Finn, Jake, BMO and PB (Princess Bubblegum) go to Ooo's biggest ship ever, but a jealous Ice King freezes the lake and ship, trapping everybody inside.
25 25 "BMO Radar" 2014
BMO joins the "POoolice Force" to capture the Ice King, who has apparently kidnapped "Princess Bublegum", all while Finn and Jake accompany him.
26 26 "Until BMO Do Your Part" 2014
BMO and LSP are marrying in the season finale, but Ice King threatens to ruin the wedding.

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