BMO Shorts is an upcoming TV series that will premiere on the The Teddy Channel on Late 2014's or Mid 2014's.


The plot is around BMO (voiced by Edgar Zabaleta) who helps and deals with problems.

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (USA)
Season premiere Season finale
1 26[1] Mid 2014 June 25, 2014
2 26[2] June 25, 2014* TBA

Season 1Edit

No. No. 2 Title Original airdate
1 1 "Sir BMO and the Lumpy Princess" Mid 2014
On the Middle Ages, Sir BMO saves Lumpy Space Princess from a big tower. When BMO helps her get off it, they kiss.
2 2 "The Great BMO-kin" Mid 2014
On Oooween, Finn doesn't know what to carve for a pumpkin,so BMO helps him carve...a statue of himself!
3 3 "BMO Mart" Mid 2014
On Ooomart, BMO tries to find batteries for him to work better. When a speaker says Ooomart will close in 30 minutes, he says he will never find the, until he does.
4 4 "Spelling BMO" Mid 2014
On Ooo Spelling Contest, Finn bets BMO to spell words such as his name and the one of Jake. When he makes him spell Slime, BMO spells Slime Princess instead and the Slime Princess comes to kiss Finn and Finn screams, all while BMO snickers.
5 5 "Climbing BMO" Mid 2014
On a table for dinnertime, BMO tries to climb a big chair but can't reach. He then uses a toadstool so he can finally climb the chair and have dinner.
6 6 "The First Day of BMO School" Mid 2014
BMO goes to his first day of school at MO Elementary, and it shows what he does in the many school subjects. In the end, he graduates.

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