Attack of the B-Team! is another TV show that will premiere Friday March 28. It is about Angry Birds. Two seasons are announced. Afterwards, a spin-off, Attack of the P-Team, will premiere. Two seasons, combined with 52 episodes, will premiere for the show.

Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 26[1] March 28, 2014[1] March 6, 2015
2 26[2] 2015 2016

Season 1 (2014-2015)Edit

No. in
No. in
Title Written and directed by Original airdate
1 1 "Episode 1 (Pilot)" Edgar Zabaleta March 28, 2014
It's the Annual B-Team and P-Team Hunger Games. This pilot starts it all!
2 2 "The Teddy-inator: Rise of the Machines" TBA June 20, 2014
The survivors must face a robot trying to destroy them. Will they survived, or will they be: stuff-minated?
3 3 "Menace from the Deep" TBA June 27, 2014
A shark tries to eat the remaining survivors while on the ocean in a boat.
4 4 "Escape from Curse Island" TBA July 4, 2014
Survivors are marooned on a island which curses them and try to stop the curses.
5 5 "Legend of the Enchanted Big Fruit" TBA July 11, 2014
Some of the left survivors try to find an enchanted fruit that will let them survive.
6 6 "The Stuffing Games" TBA July 18, 2014
The birds and piggies try to win a survival game when all of the seed-covered pizza and rotten veggies go missing.
7 7 "The Running Dead" TBA July 25, 2014
A virus spreads around an island, making some of the survivors turn into zombies that can run very fast.
8 8 "End of the World" TBA August 1, 2014
When 2 blood moons appear on one night, people start to disappear, and the left survivors claim it's the end of the world, so they try to make the most of it.
9 9 "Ah, Birdiness!" TBA August 8, 2014
Survivors try to survive the wilderness, but when they run out of food, how will they survive?
10 10 "So You Think You Can Survive" TBA August 15, 2014
Survivors participate in a reality game show to show their courage of surviving.
11 11 "All You Can Eat" TBA August 22, 2014
Teddy does a buffet so everyone can eat, but the survivors get fat when eating, and all blaming fingers point at Teddy,
12 12 "Total Future-Drama Island" TBA August 29, 2014
On a futuristic island, the survivors (now old) must choose of to whenever drink water to live by 104 years old, or to die.
13 13 "Ghostsurvivors" TBA September 5, 2014
Survivors meet the previous survivors who die, and now come back as ghosts, making the non-ghosts survivors panic that they will die.
14 14 "Blood Rain" TBA September 12, 2014
Blood rain strikes an island the survivors are staying in.
15 15 "No Huts, No Glory" TBA September 19, 2014
Survivors want to build huts, but without the material provided for it, how they're going to build it?
16 16 "Attack of the Crab Monsters" TBA September 26, 2014
Crab monsters are mutated and invade the island where the gang of survivors are staying in.
17 17 "Freaks and Geeks of Nature" TBA January 2, 2015
Survivors turn into mutants after drinking a potion they found.
18 18 "Bait Expectations" TBA January 9, 2015
Fished fish may fish for you...
19 19 "Beauty and the Living, Malicious Trees" TBA January 16, 2015
A beauty (Stella) is forced by 10 evil trees to marry them. But how will she live with 10 "rooty" husbands?
20 20 "I Hate You...Bye" TBA January 23, 2015
After sending the wrong message to his survival buddies, a survival bird must survive alone.
21 21 "Food Web" TBA January 30, 2015
Survival birds are part of the food chain. What will they do?
22 22 "I'm The King of the SurvivalWorld" TBA February 6, 2015
A survivor finally makes it to the finals, or does he?
23 23 "The Cave" TBA February 13, 2015
Survivors are on a island, and go to a cave.
24 24 "Pillow Pest" TBA February 20, 2015
Some of the survivor birds are face-to-faced by a Pillow Pest, a monstrous pillow.
25 25 "Cannibals are Deceiving" TBA February 27, 2015
The gang are put in a pot by cannibal pigs on a island so they can be cooked off. Only 1 survivor who escaped must help his surviving buddies, but how will he do it?
26 26 "The Mewtwo (Parts 1 & 2)" TBA March 6, 2015
When survivors can't reach the island where Teddy will give them a "surviving award", Mewtwo from Pokémon helps them.

Special Pokémon appearances: Mew, Raichu, Jigglypuff, Tynamo[10]

Season 2 (2015-2016)Edit

A season two is planned for early 2015. New survivors will come, and the P-Team will have major appearances. It was premiered on October 2, 2015 and had 30 episodes.

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