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Ash is the main character of the Pokemon franchise his favorite and starter pokemon was Pikachu on his journey he has made many friends like Misty, Brock, Tracy, May, Max and Dawn but he has also made his fair share of enemies like Team Rocket

== Ash's Pokemon== Pikachu

Torterra (Evolved from grotle which evolved from Turtwig

Infernape (Evolved from Monferno which evolved from Chimchar)

Gliscor (Evolved from Gligar by using a Razor Fang)

Staraptor (Evolved from Staravia which evolved from Starly)

Buizel (Got from Dawn for his Aipom)


Sceptile (Evolved from Grovyle which evolved from Treeco)

Donphan (Evolved from Phanphy)

Swellow (Evolved from Tailow)


Glalie (Evolved from Snorunt)



Charizard (Evolved from Charmileon which evolved from Charmander)

Squirtle (With the Squirtle Squad)

Bayleef (Evolved from Chikorita)

Quilava (Evolved from Cyndaquil)

Noctowl (Shiny)



Kingler (Evolved from Krabby)


Tauros (Thirty of them)

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